Frosty Boy
About: Frosty Boy is a soft-serve ice cream shop in Grand Rapids with many delectable vegan options.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review: Frosty Boy was a pillar in the Creston neighborhood for a long…
Graydon’s Crossing
About: Graydon’s Crossing is a gastropub serving global grub made with area-sourced ingredients & an almost never-ending beer list. It’s located on the NE side of Grand Rapids.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review: Graydon’s Crossing offers what it calls “global” and that’s the truth…
Kingma’s Market
About: Kingma’s Market is a local family-owned grocery store serving the community for over 80 years – offers many vegan products. Kingma’s is located in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids.
Lucy’s Cafe
About: Lucy’s Cafe has basic lunch, brunch, and kid’s menus.