Frosty Boy

Frosty Boy
Frosty Boy is a soft-serve ice cream shop in Grand Rapids with many delectable vegan options.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

Frosty Boy was a pillar in the Creston neighborhood for a long time. But in 2005, Frosty Boy closed.

In 2015, a husband and wife team reopened the place and brought back all the  classics that Frosty Boy was known for, including a signature lemon-flavored soft serve ice cream that brought back all those nostalgic feelings.

With the resurrection of Frosty Boy also came some changes that satisfied vegans. The reinvented Frosty Boy began selling vegan soft-serve ice cream, including flurries and shakes options. If that's not enough, they make their own vegan "twix" candy for their special vegan salted caramel flurry (also gluten-free). They also incorporate baked goods from Kind Crumbs, a wonderful local bakery catering to anyone with food allergies.

Other unique vegan soft-serve flavors featured:

  • pistachio
  • mango
  • cotton candy
  • raspberry lemon twist
  • chocolate peanut butter

Since we live in Michigan, Frosty Boy closes from mid-October to March.

1757 Plainfield Ave NE
(616) 284-1436
  • Frosty Boy
  • Frosty Boy