Irie Kitchen

Irie Kitchen
Irie Kitchen was created to bring “healthy, ethnic food to the people in our community.”
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

Irie may sound like a made up word, but to Jamaicans, or Rastafarians, it has a meaning. A greeting, it can also describe something pleasant – something good. Irie Kitchen is that and more. The aroma, the minute you walk in, might whisk you away to that Carribbean vacation you took. Irie Kitchen is unique to our area, and we’re glad to have them.

Vegan food isn’t an afterthought here. Veg food has a solid place in Rastafarian culture. Jerk tofu is prominent on the menu. All side dishes are also vegan. You can choose from curried garbanzo beans, “irie” (mu) shrooms, plantains, knots (little balls ofdeep-fried bread- anything  delicious), festival (a combination of kale and collard greens), and roti (a flat bread common in Jamaica). You can try all of it in a vegan sampler box.

You can also try sorrel, a drink native to Jamaica made with hibiscus blossoms.

Irie Kitchen is technically outside of our “coverage area” at VGR, but our guide wouldn’t be complete without this thoughtful, unique experience for Grand Rapids.

6630 Kalamazoo Ave SE
(616) 512-4163
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