Two Beards Deli

Two Beards Deli
Two Beards Deli offers sandwiches. Lots and lots of sandwiches.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Few places do them better than Two Beards Deli. If you’re familiar with their sister operation Cherry Deli, then you’ll see similarities. An absurdly large amount of ingredients provide a ton of variations on the huge menus.

Two Beards opens every day at 7 am to whip up breakfast which includes three vegan options. We like the “Andrew W.K.,” which is blackened tofu, vegan bacon, red onions, giardiniera (pickled veg), roasted red peppers, spinach, chipotle veganaise on nine grain bread.

Just as the Andrew W.K. is named after…. Andrew W.K., all the sandwiches are named after celebrities with epic facial hair. The vegan sandwiches, appropriately, are named after famous hirsute vegans.

The Allen Ginsberg is a vegan version of the classic BLT. House-made vegan bacon (tofu), and veganaise. Now, if you’re a level-5 vegan, you might have noticed the difference. Veganaise is not to be confused with the Follow Your Heart brand Vegenaise. But the Two Beards house-made version is awesome. The Ginsberg is served on rosemary sourdough bread. The Count Von Count is another popular choice. Black bean hummus, red and green peppers, tomato, spinach, caramelized onions, with cajun veganaise on your choice of bread.

They also offer a large selection of salads stuffed full of goodies. The Jaoquin Phoenix for example, a curry tofu salad with broccoli, cherry tomato, green onion, carrot, cabbage, and spring mix served with orange ginger vinaigrette. Many of the salad dressings are vegan as well, so if you want to customize your salad or order a non-vegan salad without the meat or cheese, you can always switch it up to make it vegan. The staff is super helpful and willing to help make it happen. If you’re not sure, ask for the list behind the counter which lists all the vegan stuff.

In the deli case you’ll find vegan stuff, such as a tasty potato salad. They also offer soup, with vegan options. Keep an eye on their Facebook page where they announce specials, which are often vegan – not just sandwiches, but goodies like vegan cupcakes.

One thing we’ve noted on our visits to Two Beards is that it can be a little slow. This can be an issue if you’re in a hurry, like on your lunch break, so a heads up.

38 Commerce Ave SW
(616) 719-3802
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