Sushi Yama

A variety of veggie rolls.
Sushi Yama offers authentic, no-frills sushi in downtown Grand Rapids.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

For us, Sushi Yama is a hidden gem. Even with two entrances to get to Sushi Yama, they're easily missed. Located in the basement of the McKay Tower at Pearl and Monroe Center, they've put up sandwich boards to help you find them... but even then you might miss it! Sushi Yama is worth the effort. It's a solid, quick lunch spot. One of our favorites.

The sushi here is no frills, but you don't miss it. Veggie options for your rolls include sweet potato, avocado, kimchi, and cucumber. The vegetable roll is good (asparagus, cucumber, avo, and lettuce pickle), as is another vegetable roll (tempura fried asparagus, cucumber, avo, and pickled radish) and the unique peanut and avocado roll. There are also a few tempura battered fruity cream cheese rolls that can be ordered without the cheese, such as banana and mango. The side salad is a classic served with a fresh ginger dressing.

Also not to be missed is the seaweed salad or kimchi. The miso soup is made with benito flakes (fish), which is a bummer.

Next time you find yourself downtown looking for a quick bite, this is a good one.

146 Monroe Center St NW
(616) 233-9881