Pal’s Indian Cuisine

Pal’s Indian Cuisine
About: Authentic North Indian cuisine can be found at Pal’s Indian Cuisine.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review:

We love Indian food. We cook Indian food at home mostly, because it’s hard to find Indian restaurants with good vegan options. All too often, the dishes are crammed with ghee (clarified butter) or cream.

On those days when we don’t feel like cooking, we are grateful for places like Pal’s.

Regardless of where we are, we always double check with the server. True for Indian restaurants, we specifically ask (sometimes more than once), “no butter, no cream, no yogurt, no ghee, right?” In the case of Pal’s we’ve spoken to the owner and we’re positive this is one restaurant has it straight Any item on the menu marked with an asterisk (*) can be made vegan. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

Some dishes are vegan by default – the masala chana, pachranga subzi, and aloo gobi.

The dal masala, palak paneer (ask for potato as a substitute for the paneer, and make sure you ask for no cream), sarsoo-da-saag, and baingan bartha can be veganized, just be sure to clear with your server when ordering (or dialing in for takeout).

The vegetable samosas are vegan, just order them without the yogurt sauce (you can have the mint chutney), When you order roti, just order without butter.

They offer a lunch buffet every day from 11 am-2:3o pm.

2915 28th Street SE
(616) 957-2271
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