Lai Thai Kitchen

Massaman Curry with Tofu
Lai Thai Kitchen specializes in Thai food but also serves Vietnamese and Chinese. This is a great little family-owned restaurant that tries to please every guest.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

In a world of Thai restaurants that use fish sauce (and don’t always tell you), Lai Thai Kitchen is a breath of fresh air. Lai Thai serves up anything on the menu vegan, substituting seitan for meat.

Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese dishes all make up a massive menu. Just let them know you’re vegan. Tofu is an option for any dish as well, but that’s so boring when you can get seitan instead! Heads up, the seitan substitute is thin and very meat-like. Some are put off by the meat subs that are incredibly meat like – and this is one of those.

We’ve had quite a bit of the food here, including but not limited to the vegetarian dumplings – steamed and stuffed with sauteed napa, carrot, bean thread noodles, and tofu. The Thai gang garee, yellow curry standard on most Thai menus – a potato, carrot, tofu and coconut milk curry. Under the Vietnamese portion of the menu, we’ve had items like the hu tieu xao – noodles stir-fried with “chicken” and assorted vegetables. Some of the dishes are standard with egg noodles so again, just be clear with the staff.

A solid option for Thai, especially the reassurance you’ll have knowing that there’s no fish sauce in sight.

1621 Leonard Ave NE
(616) 456-5730
  • Spring rolls
  • Curry Pad Thai