About: Exemplary restaurant serving an rotating menu built around their farm-to-table mission. This is Grove.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review:

Grove’s mission is to provide “impeccable service and fresh, natural, local ingredients” and they live up to it!

An “Earth to Table” restaurant, nearly every ingredient is locally sourced. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the menu, ingredients and diets. Vegans receive their own menu which can be ordered separately, or as a 3-course meal. We recommend the latter which is a lot of food for a good price.

Even as the food scene in Grand Rapids has grown, it’s still a short list of places that make you feel that you’re in a much bigger city. In our opinion, Grove leads that list. The food is creative, artistic, and elegant. The menu is seasonal, changing with the seasons. Grove is always a satisfying experience.

It’s impossible for us to give recommendations based on what we’ve eaten given how much the menu changes. Dishes we’ve ordered in the past include the cauliflower couscous, mushroom risotto, vegetable paella, carrot soup, vegetable hash, and coffee braised oats. The food is incredibly well thought out and balanced. More than once we’ve had to ask our server to check with the chef about dishes to ensure they are, in fact, vegan. It, of course, is vegan but that thoughtfulness of what it means to create a vegan dish that hits all the senses is just part of what makes Grove unique.

Try to leave room for dessert. Vegan options are often available. To be sure, let them know you’re vegan when you make your reservation, and you’d like dessert. They’ll make it happen.

Grove is the kind of place most will reserve for special occasions. That being said, there are few places that can compete with Grove when it comes to making sure your special occasion goes off without a hitch.

919 Cherry St SE
(616) 456-1000
  • Cauliflower steak served with asparagus and rutabaga in a tangy citrus sauce
  • Super green salad
  • Vegetable jambalaya
  • Chocolate pudding dessert with sorbeto, house made granola, fresh nectarines, and jelly
  • Coffee Braised Oats
  • Carrot soup
  • Patatas bravas
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Cauliflower couscous
  • Sweet Corn Risotto
  • Peanut Braised Vegetable Stir Fry
  • Beet salad
  • Squash tacos
  • Vegetable Caponata
  • Risotto with tofu, carrots and fennel with a creamy tofu hibiscus sauce
  • Chocolate cake with molasses ice cream
  • Grove
  • Turnip ceviche
  • Parsnip soup
  • Hot Pot
  • Rosemary focacia with mushroom and kale
  • Beer grits with braised collards and caramelized beet
  • Spring onion panisse with lemon BBQ and brocolli tabbouleh
  • Spring onion panisse with lemon BBQ and brocolli tabbouleh
  • Jerk cauliflower with tostones, sweet potato, and spring onion escabeche