GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine and Deli

GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine and Deli
Ethiopian food with good prices.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

Gojo Ethiopian, surprisingly, only has a few vegan items on the menu, but it’s enough to get your fill. The daily lunch buffet is always all vegan and only costs $10.

Look for the vegetarian section of the menu. All of those are vegan and served on injera, a spongy flatbread that is your utensil for the meal (you can ask for brown rice instead if injera isn’t your thing). Vegan options include misir watt, lentil watt and alicha (combination of cabbage, potato, green pepper and spices)

The vegetarian combo serves 1-2 people and comes with 4 vegetarian dishes. The super vegetarian combo serves 2-3 and comes with other dishes – bakela, watt, gomen, and spiced green beans and an Ethiopian salad.

The service here can be slow. The other drawback is that they serve meat, and oftentimes the smell of meat cooking can be overpowering. If you are looking for Ethiopian, we always recommend Little Africa or Gursha as the best of the best in GR. Little Africa is also Grand Rapids only 100% vegan restaurant.

421 Norwood SE
(616) 459-3383
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