Furniture City Creamery

Furniture City Creamery
Furniture City Creamery is an ice cream shop in the heart of East Hills churning out locally-sourced vegan goodies.
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How much flavor can you pack into 496 sq.ft? A lot, if we're talking about Furniture City Creamery. Co-founder Rachel uses her background as an engineer to scientifically create homemade, small-batch ice cream. They offer some pretty unique flavor combinations that are really, really good.

Rachel first learned about small-batch ice creameries by reading about the creamery trend in a magazine. And that was that. She made this dream her reality in the form of Furniture City Creamery.

Initially, without a place to call their own, Furniture City Creamery worked out of the kitchen at The Mitten Brewing Co. Serving up frosty treats to thirsty beer drinkers took off and just a few months later they have opened up their own brick and mortar location in the heart of East Hills on Cherry Street.

Furniture City Creamery usually has around 4-6 vegan flavors at any given time and none of them are boring. Favs include the salted caramel, toasted coconut chocolate chip, lime in the coconut, no-bake cookie, mint chocolate chip, and the strawberry lemonade.

The waffle cones at Furniture City are vegan for all, as well as the sauces - caramel, chocolate and the berry of the day. Furniture City Creamery wants their hand-crafted product to be enjoyed by all!

Locally sourced isn't just a buzzword here. Furniture City Creamery uses the products from other local businesses. For example, the espresso shakes use espresso from Global Infusion, which is just around the corner. Can't get much more local than that.

Big animal lovers, they offer "pup cups" so your best friend can enjoy a treat at the same time (instead of just staring at you hoping you'll drop your cone). They're open year round and they deliver through Uber Eats. Pretty hard to find an excuse not to eat some ice cream!

958 Cherry St SE
(616) 920-0752
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