Daddy Pete’s BBQ

Daddy Pete’s BBQ
Daddy Pete's BBQ is a traditional BBQ spot offering classic dishes vegan-style.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

The genres of restaurants you'll find on the VGR Guide these days may seem surprising, but they're also a reflection of the growth of the vegan movement. A raw fish joint serving tuna made from tomatoes (really) doesn't seem so out place anymore - nor does a traditional smoked meat BBQ spot.

Cory and Tarra Davis, owners of Daddy Pete's BBQ, were winning awards for their southern style slow-smoked meats in their signature BBQ sauce. That success led them to a brick and mortar restaurant. What would compel a BBQ restaurant with a proven track record to venture into the plant-based world?

Both Cory and Tarra shifted to a plant-based diet for health reasons. They started testing out plant-based BBQ dishes. Due to the overwhelming success, they made plant-based options a permanent addition to the menu. The weekday vegan options are limited, but Daddy's Pete's goes all out on Saturday.

A staple you'll find all week is the Impossible Foods burger. They also offer a BBQ jackfruit sandwich. You can pair everything up with veganized versions of the standard BBQ-style sides, including mac & cheese, coleslaw, baked beans, green beans, sweet potatoes. Or if you prefer, order the plant-based hot mess, a BBQ sundae layered with baked beans, mac & cheese, BBQ smoked jackfruit, and coleslaw. They've also been known to offer specials. We particularly loved the soul food specials they had which included an Impossible Foods meatloaf, greens, and bread pudding. To keep up with the ever-changing menu, like their Facebook page.

All vegan smoked items are smoked separately from meats and they're very conscious about cross contamination. Everything sold at Daddy Pete's is "while supplies last" and it does sell out - usually pretty early. So getting there first thing is a must to avoid disappointment.

They also sell vegan chocolate chip cookies made by Daddy's Dough.

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2921 Eastern Ave SE
(616) 426-8439