New Holland Brewing – The Knickerbocker

New Holland Brewing – The Knickerbocker
Strategically placed at the gateway to Grand Rapids' historic West Side, The Knickerbocker (New Holland) is a taste of many world traditions that have been rediscovered and presented with a fresh perspective.
Vegan Grand Rapids Review

New Holland Brewing is not a new name to anyone in west Michigan, as they've been brewing beer in Holland, Michigan (obviously) since 1996. The original restaurant, Pub on 8th in Holland hasn't ever been particularly vegan-friendly (today there is a vegan black bean burger). For its new location at Bridge and Broadway on the west side of the city, they have picked it up ever so slightly.

Whether you're a fan of the growth in that area or not, the building itself is something to marvel at. It's huge, and beautiful, and houses not just New Holland, but other businesses including the hugely popular Michigan-themed-gear store The Mitten State.

The interior of New Holland is so insanely big. Multilevel, a section with dining tables, a bar area, an utwo patios, a retail store.

Now, finally, to the food. As we said, not a ton of options, but what they do have is really good. The standout is the vegan supreme pizza. Tofu sausage (made in-house), mushrooms, onions, peppers, cashew cheese. You can also opt to build your own pizza. They've also added the Beyond Burger to the menu - a 4oz patty, lettuce tomato, vegan mayo on a vegan bun.

You can opt for a healthier dish if you prefer, the kale and grain bowl - wild rice, spelt, barley, brown rice, kale, almonds, amino acid, and nutritional yeast.

Goes without saying that you'll be washing this down with solid New Holland brews. And as we point out on the Beer Guide, all the beers are vegan-friendly. Even Dragon's Milk, which doesn't actually contain any dairy-based ingredients!

Hopefully, with the support of our awesome vegan community, they'll keep adding to an already solid menu.

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417 Bridge St NW
(616) 345-5642