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Marie Catrib’s

Marie’s Amazing Hummus!

Even in this day and age, when conscious eating is more prevalent than it’s ever been, it’s still almost surprising to come across a place like Marie Catrib’s.

A menu that caters to not just vegetarians, but vegans, AND those with gluten allergies? It can’t be! YES, it can! Local, sustainable, organic are all words you’ll also see consistently throughout everything made here.

Everything, from the menu to the deli-case, is all clearly marked with what’s vegan and what is not. But engage your server in a conversation because other menu items that are not vegan can often be altered. Many of their lunch and dinner specials are vegan. Watch their Facebook for those announcements.

Our favorites are the Larry David sandwich (also the favorite of actor/comedian Aziz Ansari) and the the not-as-coolly-named Sweet Potato and Quinoa burger. Each, in our opinion, are best served on the branny oat bread.

If you’re into spicy, try the Ancho Lentil Tacos – Ancho-chili-spiced lentils, grilled onions, roasted poblano peppers and garlic-lime slaw, served on corn or flour tortillas with a side of poblano veganaise.


We Got the Beet, beet burger

We Got the Beet, beet burger

Another of our favorites is We Got the Beet – A wild rice and beet party smothered in garlic lime Vegenaise and covered in a kale/carrot slaw.

Wednesdays are one of our favorite days to visit because it’s Pasty Day. There’s a vegan version that is huge and will leave you full

They also have quite a few items on the breakfast menu that are vegan, including Jill’s Breakfast Burrito –  vegan hash, avocado, shredded greens, and garlicky veganaise,  wrapped in a corn or flour tortilla. Many of the items can also be veganized. Again, just talk to the server. The freshly squeezed juice is not to be missed, but especially during breakfast hours. Sipping the dark roast turkish coffee is one of our favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon.